From January 2019, Kazakhstan will enter the market of electric power.

Source of investment
The need for its introduction, according to the Chairman of the Board of JSC “Samruk-Energy” Bakitzhan ZHULAMANOV, is dictated by the possibility of attracting investments to maintain existing and commissioning new electric capacity in Kazakhstan. Electricity tariffs will be divided into 2 components: electricity tariff and capacity tariff.

If earlier modernization, large-scale reconstruction and construction of new power sources of stations were carried out at the expense of electricity sales at a price no higher than the marginal tariffs, then from January 1, 2019 all investments of the enterprise will receive at the expense of the electricity market.

In early December, Kazakhstan has already held Centralized trading of electric power in the Northern, southern and Western zones of the Unified electric power system (UES) of the Republic. They were on the trading floor of the Kazakhstan operator of electricity market, which was attended by the energy producing companies of “Samruk-Energo” – JSC “Ales”, LLP “Ekibastuz-1”, JSC “Ekibastuz GRES-2” JSC “shardarinskaya HPP” and JSC “Moynak HPP” them. Kanaeva” centralised auction of capacity.

According to the results of trading operations total amount of sold power on the Northern and southern zones of the unified energy system of Kazakhstan subsidiaries of JSC “Samruk-Energo” has made 2 148,7 MW at the maximum price of the service, at the level of the marginal tariff of 590 thousand tenge/MW per month without VAT.

In the future, according to the results of the auction, the investment activities of enterprises will be carried out to further ensure the smooth operation of the energy equipment of the companies “Samruk-Energy” in 2019.

Energy of water
As recently as last week, “Samruk-Energo” your professional holiday, Day of power, said the new achievement – the launch of the first of the four generating units at the shardarinsk hydroelectric power station. The project is implemented as part of a large-scale reconstruction of obsolete plant equipment. Until 2020, all four hydraulic units will be replaced here. And the new equipment will increase the capacity of hydroelectric power by 26 percent – from the current 100 to 126 MW, which will allow an additional annual production of 57 million kWh / year. In addition to increasing the service life will increase the reliability of the station and reduce the level of accidents.

This project, according to experts of JSC “Samruk-Energy”, is of great importance to ensure energy deficit of the Turkestan region and improve the efficiency of water resources in the region.

We are to you with warmth and light
Shardarinskaya HPP, among other energy and coal enterprises, is a part of JSC “Samruk-Energy” – the largest electric power holding, the main activities of which are the production, distribution, sale of electric and thermal energy, production of thermal coal.

To date, the enterprises of JSC “Samruk-Energy” produce about 30 percent of all electricity produced in the market of Kazakhstan and about 38 percent of all coal produced in the country. Every year the share of Samruk-Energy in the market increases along with the growing consumption.

– At the end of 12 months of this year, we have exceeded the annual plans to provide our consumers with electricity and coal,-said the Chairman of the Board of JSC “Samruk-Energy” bakitzhan Zhulamanov. – So, the volume of electricity production – 31.7 billion kWh, which is 100 percent of the plan. The volume of heat production amounted to 5 573 thousand Gcal, – 103 percent. The sales company sold electricity at 5,312. 3 million kWh, which is 100 percent of the plan. The volume of electricity transmission was 6 132.8 million kWh-101 percent. During the reporting period, 45 million tons of coal were sold to Bogatyr Komir LLP-109 percent of the approved figure.

The project of construction of block No. 3 at Ekibastuz GRES-2, modernization of shardarinskaya HPP and others are at the stage of implementation.

The embodiment in life are also preparing two projects for coal mine – coal preparation and implementation of cyclical-and-continuous technology (conveyor). They are designed to greatly simplify the production and supply of coal from the quarry to the consumer and improve the efficiency of solid fuel extraction.

The practice of recent years has shown that “Samruk-Energy” in the conditions of growing competition successfully copes with the goals, providing consumers with uninterrupted supply of electricity and heat. The ongoing modernization works have breathed new energy into outdated equipment, and the construction of new facilities has significantly reduced the load and filled the electricity deficit.

Solar and wind energy
Among the priorities of the holding is not only to reduce the impact on the environment, but also to increase the share of RES (renewable energy sources). Thus, in November of this year, two new “green” energy facilities were launched in Almaty and Almaty region.

According to Bakitzhan Zhulamanov, the Chinese side built and donated to the ownership of Kazakhstan a solar power plant in Almaty and a wind power plant near the village of Nurly Enbekshikazakh district of Almaty region.

In turn, JSC “Samruk-Energy” has created all the necessary conditions for the construction and installation of RES. It provided the construction sites with water, electricity, access road from the road to the site, as well as provided the necessary assistance to the Chinese partners in the preparation of the necessary documentation and so on.

– The “green bridge” established between the States is aimed at further exchange of experience in the field of renewable energy, which will allow both to develop its own scientific and technical potential and create conditions for scientific and applied research in Kazakhstan, to train and train specialists in the field of “green” energy,-said the Chairman of the Board of JSC “Samruk – Energy”.

The holding company plans the construction of larger installations is the second draft of Ereymentau wind power plant at 60 MW and wind power plant Shelek.

High level of trust
Cooperation with international financial organizations also speaks about the effective work of the holding. In November this year, a loan agreement for a total amount of $ 80 million was signed between Samruk-Energy JSC and the Asian development Bank. For the first time in Kazakhstan, the international financial development Institute provided a loan in the national currency, which corresponds to the amount of about 30 billion tenge. The funds will be used for General corporate purposes, to improve efficiency and financial performance.

According to Bakitzhan Zhulamanov, the attraction of credit funds is an indicator of a high level of trust on the part of the Bank and the market, as well as confirmation of compliance of Samruk-Energy JSC with the strict requirements of international financial organizations.

“The course that Samruk-Energy holds is consistent in almost all areas with the new ADB strategy until 2030. In addition, the company is in a very close parallel with the country strategy of partnership between the Republic of Kazakhstan and ADB, which was approved last year and the main area of its attention is the development of state structures on an uncertain basis,” the Asian development Bank noted.

In December of the current year the company has also entered into energy service agreement with a domestic investor. The expected economic effect of it is the annual savings of 7.7 thousand kWh, or about 107 million tenge on coal mines of Bogatyr Komir LLP.

Within the framework of the pilot project to determine the efficiency of the energy service contract, as well as to check the vibration resistance and the degree of dust and moisture protection at the facilities of Bogatyr Komir LLP, 8 led lamps and one led lamp for the rotary excavator were installed and connected to the digital meter. Analysis of the test period showed 15-fold savings in electricity consumption.

The signed document is the first energy service agreement in the group of companies of Samruk-Energy JSC. Its total amount is 207.8 million tenge.

This agreement has a number of advantages over other forms of contracts. First of all, it is the absence of investments on the part of the customer and reimbursement of the investor’s expenses from the actually achieved energy savings.

The company also effectively cooperates with the European Bank for reconstruction and development, in cooperation with the leading universities of the country conducted various research.

Business transformation
Today at the enterprises of “Samruk-Energy” the processes of modernization and digitalization started earlier continue. A business transformation Program is being implemented within the company itself.

It is planned that the new processes introduced will ensure the transformation of the company into a technological, highly profitable and efficient business structure and create a reliable platform for achieving the strategic development goals for 2018-2028. It is based on parallel work in the following key areas: reengineering and digitalization of business processes. This guideline implies automation of target basic processes, implementation of complex systems for resource management, integrated planning and corporate management.

Simplification of the legal structure of the company will be carried out through the privatization of assets in accordance with the Comprehensive plan of privatization of the Fund “Samruk-Kazyna”.

Transformation of people implies comprehensive development of corporate culture in the company. The principles of leadership development and the system of conformity assessment of employees will be implemented. In this direction, programs of personnel reserve planning for key positions and development of young specialists “Zhas Orken”will also be implemented. In terms of the transformation of special recognition will be given to the employees for achieving good results. In addition, it is planned to develop modern tools of HR-Analytics and automated processes of human resources management. Implementation of change management and project approach. This paragraph implies the application of project and change management standards. Development and application of change management methodology and project approach will be included in the key performance indicators of the company and its employees.

Starting next year, as part of the transformation, it is planned to introduce the best practices in the field of project management.

For example, the process of portfolio investment management will significantly improve the allocation of financial resources only in high-yield projects. In turn, project management involves improving the level of control over them at the implementation stage. Strategic investors will be involved in the construction of renewable energy facilities to share the burden and gain best practices in the “green” energy sector.

The transformation program also implies abandoning the implementation of low-profit projects.

Since the investment component of the company should be based solely on the principles of commercial expediency and long-term interests, as well as the return of capital.

Wide horizon
Starting next year, to achieve its goals, the company will focus on the implementation of four strategic initiatives: improving sales profitability and efficiency; effective implementation of investment programs; corporate governance and sustainable development. A number of measures are planned to increase the profitability of sales. In particular, the increase in sales of electricity and coal in the domestic market.

The company also develops a portfolio of products and services in order to maximize sales profitability, ensure an optimal level of capacity utilization and increase its share in the electricity consumption market.

Currently, the basis of the holding’s generating capacity (more than 70 percent) is coal-fired condensing units. In the near future, despite the company’s participation in renewable energy projects, coal generation will remain the main one. In this regard, the main focus of the work on the development of generation will be on improving the operational efficiency of existing facilities. Including the optimization of production costs, productive operation and repair of equipment, innovative development and effective implementation of investment programs.

To date, within the framework of the innovative development program, several projects aimed at improving the efficiency of activities are being implemented. It’s a digital power station. The project provides for the introduction of centralized collection of production and technological data, remote monitoring and forecasting of production processes and the technical condition of units, units, equipment and monitoring systems of production processes of subsidiaries (digital control room) on the basis of production and technical platforms. This will provide reliable data and ensure the autonomy of processes, excluding the human factor in production.

Implementation of the project “Digital cut” provides automatic control of operating parameters of mining and mining equipment of the cut.

As well as the automation and analysis of the daily indicators of dump trucks, such as the number of flights, cargo turnover, engine hours, mileage, fuel consumption, production discipline of drivers and drivers, and so on.

In the medium term, measures to preserve and strengthen the company’s financial stability will also be strengthened.

Irina TULINOVA, Almaty