“Energy of the Future” is the name of the exhibition area, which the national company Astana EXPO 2017 presented as a gift to the Moscow School Palace. Unsurpassed gift will create conditions for the full development of children, which is extremely important at the present time. In the conditions of the modern world it is necessary to always be, as they say, in the trend.

On the eve of the New Year and in honor of the seventh birthday, Astana EXPO-2017 NC presented a unique exhibition to the Palace of Schoolchildren, which will allow children to learn a lot about renewable energy sources and modern scientists.

The exhibition entitled “Energy of the Future” is presented in the form of six exhibits, each of which vividly shows and demonstrates the capabilities of humanity that contribute to changing attitudes towards the outside world, namely, caring for it.

So, now in the Palace there is a miniature solar generator, or rather its exhibit. It is a power plant for generating electricity using only solar energy. This technology is in demand in remote from the central regions, in rural and mountainous areas, rich in sunlight.

Photo courtesy of informburo.kz

As a bonus, among the exhibits there is a “solar oven”, working without firewood or electricity. On it you can cook food in sunny weather, it does not pollute the environment and is completely harmless.

Illuminate the room or allow the radio transmitter to work will help another exhibit – Pico-Hydro. This is an autonomous hydrogenerator that does not have a harmful effect on the environment and is capable of providing energy production.

Exhibit “Bio-systematizer” – the original approach to the idea of ​​”waste”. The device will be able to convert animal waste into biogas, burning which you can get electricity.

“Refrigerator jug” is a unique device, cooling drinks without a power source!

And there is an exhibit called “Liter of Light.” The device, at its core, is an alternative to electricity costing just one dollar. Without recharging, it can work for five years in a row.

Photo courtesy of informburo.kz

Of particular interest to schoolchildren will, of course, be models of unmanned and hydrogen cars, accompanied by vivid video presentations of how “transport of the future” really helps the environment, reduces the harmful effects on nature and is a huge step towards a green lifestyle.

All exhibits are samples of modern “green” technologies and innovative developments in the field of alternative energy sources.

By the way, the universal Palace of schoolchildren in Astana itself allows children to get acquainted with the observatory and planetarium with panoramic spherical projections using 3D technologies, the virtual laboratory of augmented reality “My profession”, the drama theater for 500 seats, a winter garden and much more.