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Green Bridge Facility

Two principal entities of the GBPP will be the ‘Green Birdge Facility’ (GBF) and the ‘Green Bridge Institute’ (GBI).

The GBF will focus on the following three operations:

Pipeline development The GBPP will assemble and balance its investment portfoliothrough its financing channels. The facility will target investment diversity across sectors, countries and technologies. Financing arrangements will be subject to the highest international standards.
Technical assistance Technical cooperation will be provided to qualifying recipients that align with the themes, principles and objectives of the GBPP. Assistance will be planned and allocated in a transparent and fair manner seeking to achieve maximum transferable and replicable results.
Investment support Projects that have been identified and supported with technical assistance will be supported through the investment cycle including investment appraisal, due diligence and de-risking if appropriate. The GBF will also work to help combine public and private sources of finance.

For more information about the GBF, please download GBPP Concept Paper.

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