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Astana EXPO-2017

Selection of Astana as the capital of EXPO 2017 is a milestone in the history of young Kazakhstan. This is a key national project that unites all people of Kazakhstan and gives our country a unique opportunity to become renowned all around the world.

–        Five million domestic and international visitors are expected at EXPO, a key indicator of its success.

–        100 member-countries, as well as large global companies and international organizations will attend the event.

–        EXPO 2017 allows a dynamically developing country to contribute to promoting the theme of “Future Energy”.

Goals and Objectives

The mission of EXPO 2017 Astana is to create a lasting socioeconomic legacy by generating thought leadership, debate, and a renewed sense of responsibility among citizens of the world about global energy challenges.

The vision of EXPO 2017 – future energy solutions are necessary to help offset depleting fossil fuels, as well as to tackle climate change. And we must look at future energy problems and solutions from a common, global viewpoint.

Cultural importance

In 2017, Astana will become the world’s greatest stage: activities during the EXPO International Specialized Exhibition will help to make EXPO 2017 an unforgettable experience for every visitor.

–        Sound entertainment program during EXPO;

–        More than 3000 shows: EXPO 2017 will become the world stage for major musical events

–        Other recreational activities devoted to decorative arts, cinema and theater.

Social and economic development

With the help of EXPO 2017, we hope to establish a long-term social and economic legacy for the people of Astana and Kazakhstan, as follows:

–        Development of Kazakhstan’s economy: the transition of Kazakhstan towards a green economy, increasing the amount of investment in new and promising projects, the growth of small and medium-sized businesses, and the creation of new jobs;

–        Development of infrastructure: afteruse of EXPO facilities and urban infrastructure developed for the exhibition (buildings, roads, hotels, etc.);

–        Development of tourism at national and international level: the main inflow of tourists (85%) is expected from Astana and other regions of Kazakhstan.

  “Future Energy” Theme

The theme of EXPO 2017 “Future Energy” is dedicated to energy challenges of the XXI century:

–        energy security and distribution of natural resources;

–        open access to energy and equal opportunities for economic development of all nations;

–        rational use of energy resources;

–        environmental pollution;

–        global warming and climate change;

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