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Two principal entities of the GBPP will be the ‘Green Birdge Facility’ (GBF) and the ‘Green Bridge Institute’ (GBI).

The GBI will focus on improving the evidence base and expertise on key water, energy, engineering, technology and scientific issues. The GBI will have its own identity and remit, including a regional focus, but would draw from and cooperate with academic resources as appropriate.


The GBI’s thematic research framework would be developed around the top environmental and technology challenges facing the region:

  • Water / energy / land use
  • Built environment including transport
  • Preparation of technical environmental and performance standards
  • Study of transboundary issues, etc.

The GBI would seek out and welcome approaches for partnership and research collaboration from across the region. It would also partner with key international research entities such as the World Resources Institute, Columbia University, Climate Innovation Centres, GGGI and others.

The Institute would house technology incubators (as practiced by top Universities around the world). These incubators would transfer and adapt technology solutions where appropriate and set up legal entities to finance and scale the technology.

For more information about the GBF, please download GBPP Concept Paper.

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